MilanoVeg brings the best of the Italian tradition in a vegan version.
The range is so amazing that it’s at the top of the game, regardless of the (lack of animal) ingredients used!
High quality gourmet foods that are completely cruelty free, MilanoVeg will definitely surprise you!

MilanoVeg’s range includes a wide range of amazing vegan products, including individual and family-size Christmas Cakes (IT: Panett*ne): Classic, No Candied Fruits and with Chocolate Chunks), Veronese Xmas cake (IT: Pand*ro), as well as Nougats (IT: Torr*ncini), Easter Cakes (IT: Col*mba) and much more!.

• Independent Italian Brand
• Dairy-free
• Egg-free
• 72 hours leavening (Easter and Xmas cakes)
• Certified Vegan by Vegan OK (full range)
• Fantastic packaging
• Made in Milan, Italy

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