Almighty Foods

Almighty Foods is an independent vegan company, based in Scotland. They craft a range of wholesome chocolate bars and nut butters that are made entirely from organic seeds, nuts, roots, fruits, flowers, essential oils & tree saps, while also guaranteeing the absence of any traces of animal products and gluten.
All products are sweetened with evaporated coconut nectar.

Almighty Foods‘s packaging is as Earth friendly as possible: the chocolate bar sleeves are made of sustainably grown wood/paper, while they use a biodegradable plastic wrap which is made from eucalyptus trees. The packaging is sealed for optimum freshness.
For the gourmet butters, glass jars and metal lids are use, which are fully recyclable.

• Vegan brand, run by vegans
• Dairy-free
• Egg-free
• Gluten-free
• Certified Organic (full range)
• Eco-conscious packaging
• Made in Scotland

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