The 7 wonders of Coffee & Cheese @ the Veg Fest London

The seven wonders of Coffee & Cheese at the London Veg Fest 2017

As you may have heard, we are going to the VegFest London 2017.

We are ???????????????? (Translation: We are THRILLED!)

Do you know what it means? It means a lot of things…

… Lots of things to prepare…

… And a lot of surprises for you as well!

So, without further ado,

let’s take a look at the 7 wanders of Coffee & Cheese @VegFest London 2017.


Coffee & Cheese promo at the Veg Fest London

 1. Free drink with a cup 

 with a C&C reusable cup 

If you buy one Coffee & Cheese cup (see n 2 below), you get a FREE DRINK.

 Anything of your choice: cappuccino, coffee, tea, matcha, chocolate, chai.

???? Find out more about our Cup Offer.

???? Check out our special offers at the London Veg Fest 2017

Coffee & Cheese reusable cup

 2. C&C cup 

 Reusable, eco-friendly 

We are launching the Coffee & Cheese  reusable cup.

We love it!

It's colourful, handy and eco-friendly.

Yes, if you get it we will fill it up with a free hot drink of your choice. 

???? Find out more about ouCup Offer.

Coffee & Cheese is running a photo contest at the Veg Fest London 2017

 3. Photo Contest 

 Prize: Vegan Products

Take a picture at our stall (DE1), with one of your favourite products

and post it on our Facebook wall.
Prize: a selection of our products.

No need to buy anything.

???? Know more about the Photo Contest.

 4. Barista Talk

 Fri 20 Oct, @ 11 am

Pedro is giving a talk, at the Trade show.

Title: Can a vegan hot drink be better than a dairy one? 7 steps to make it happen!

Sounds Intriguing?

You’re welcome to join us on Friday 20 Oct, at 11 am.

???? Find out more about Pedro's Talk.

Special promo for the London Veg Fest 2017

 5. Free Drink to Customers 

 to all our customers 

Are you a Coffee & Cheese customer?

If so, your drink at the Veg Fest is on us!

???? Find out more about our special offers at the VegFest London 2017.

Free drink if you buy £20 +

 6. Free Drink for buying £20+ 

 if you buy £20 or more of products 

Yes, another chance for you to get a free drink.


Buy £20 or more worth of products (everything included: vegan cheese, meat alternative, egg replacers, creams, syrups, tea, hot chocolate, marshmallows, chai, matcha etc.)

???? Check out our special offers at the VegFest London 2017.

Coffee and Cheese earrings for the first time at the Veg Fest London 2017

 7. C&C Earrings 

 Coffee & Cheese going stylish 

We are not selling them …


We are so proud of our earrings (well, let’s say, some of us are!) that they deserve to be included in this list.

You haven’t seen them yet? Then, check them out!

So, there you have them.

A lot of things to look forward to.

Are you coming?

C’mon! Come and say hi to
stall DE1!

That’s:    DE1, as in ‘1 Double Espresso’.

And, yes indeed, you can have that too (I mean, you can have a double espresso)!

Who knows? Maybe, you can get yours for free! ????

Photo Contest @ the Veg Fest London 2017

At this point, you all know that we are going to the Veg Fest.

You may also be aware of our promos and where we’re going to be (stall DE1, in case you missed it).

BUT… You haven’t heard about this, yet…because…

We decided to save it for last.

So, here it is:

We are going to run a photo contest.

Coffee & Cheese Photo Contest at the Veg Fest London 2017

Coffee & Cheese are having a #FbPhotoContest @ the #VegFestLondon2017. Prize: Selection of #VeganProducts! 

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When? ???? During the show (20-22 October 2017)
                     We will randomly pick a winner, at the end of the show (precisely, Wednesday the 25th October)

What is it about? ???? If you come to the show, stop by our stall (DE1). Take a pic with one of your favourite products. Post it on our Fb wall, during the 3 days of the show. Then, just wait to see if you are selected.

How can I enter? ???? To enter, just like our Facebook page and submit your pic.

Yes, that’s it!  No need to buy anything! ????

And, I bet you're wondering:

What’s the prize? ???? The winner will receive a selection of products including: Violife Mediterranean (vegan Halloumi), Meetlyke Vegan bacon, Veggyness Vegan Schnitzel, Terra Vegane Omelett, Schlagfix Whipping Cream, Zuma Original Hot Chocolate Shaker, Kookie Cat biscuit, Roobar energetic ball, Simply Chai Spicy Powder.

Do you get the picture? If not, there it is:

Selection of vegan products : Prize for the Photo contest the the Veg Fest London

Win a selection of #VeganProducts just by taking a picture @ #VegFestLondon, stall DE1 and post it on our Fb wall!

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Yep, you get the chance to win all this, just for taking a picture.

Sounds good? Then, you’re welcome to participate.

What if you do not want to appear in the photo but still want to participate? Just take a picture of your favourite product, then.

Want more details? Check out the contest terms.

Here a quick recap of what the contest is about:

    C&C Fb Photo Contest

???? At the Veg Fest London (20-22 October 2017)
???? Take a picture @ our stall (DE1), with your fav product
????  Like our Facebook
????  Post your pic on our Fb wall

       (during the 3 days of the show)
????  Win a selection of vegan products

Now ... ready?

A big smile, for the camera.

Say: Cheeeeeeeeese!

Or better: Vegan Cheeeeeeeeese!

Or even better: Coffee & Cheeeeeeeeese! ???? ????

???? Come to DE1 @ the Veg Fest London ????Next Weekend ???? DE1 (Next to Cookery Demos)

???? DE1 as in: - Double Espresso 1, - Do Enjoy 1, - DEutschland 1, Delta Echo 1.

Check out ​where we are going to be

Where are we going to be? – VegFestLondon 2017 (Info + laughs) – What’s DE1?

As you know, we’re going to be at the Veg Fest London 2017 .

Where exactly? ???? stall DE1. 

Where about?

Next to:

  • Cookery Demos
  • Stallholders Office
  • Volunteers Office
  • Info desk

You can also check the Veg Fest UK London floor plan . See the arrow showing the Lost kids/info? Around that area… It’s actually on the left hand side of the orange square (that is ‘Cookery Demos’)

Now, we were trying to find some ways for you to remember our stall number.

This is what we came up with:

  • DE1 as in ‘Deutschland 1’ (Germany 1)
  • DE1 as in ‘Do Enjoy 1’
  • DE1 as in ‘Delta Echo 1’
  • DE1 as in ‘Double Espresso 1’

Let's have a #VeganHotDrink @ DE1 (as in Double Espresso 1) #VegfestUKLondon2017 . Shall we?

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When Pedro came up with ‘Double Espresso 1’, I said: “That’s it! That’s us! That’s what we’re looking for.

Coincidence? Destiny? Luck?

Whatever the case might me, we’ll stick with it.

It’s perfect for us!

Not only for our company name (Coffee & Cheese), but also because we’ll be serving coffee at the London Veg Fest.

So, we’re very grateful for having the stall n. DE1.

It seems that the stars aligned…;)


???? Come and have a chat to Double Espresso 1 ! 

 Ps. Wanna a FREE DRINK?  Or win a selection of delicious vegan delights?

Shall we get a cappuccino/hot chocolate/tea? (or any other #HotDrink) @ DE1 - as in Double Espresso 1 - #VegfestLondon2017

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Coffee & Cheese REUSABLE CUP, filled up with a FREE hot drink

TA DA!!!

Meet the Coffee & Cheese reusable cup!

We love it! ???? Hope you like it too!

We will be introducing our brand-new reusable Coffee & Cheese cups at the London Veg Fest 2017.

So, we’ve been working on it for a while. We were unsure about the colours.

In this video, we’ll show you the two options that we were considering.

Finally, I think we found the almost perfect cup for us.

The colours match the Coffee & Cheese colours: blue cup, white band, yellow lid and brown plug.

Do you like the final result?

Reusable coffee cup
Coffee & Cheese reusable cup and free drin at the VegFest London 2017

SPECIAL OFFER for the Veg Fest UK London 2017

We are so excited about our Coffee & Cheese cups that we have decided to have a special offer:

 if you buy one cup, you get a FREE DRINK.

 Anything of your choice: cappuccino, coffee, tea, matcha, chocolate, chai.

Wait, it gets better…

You can use the cup as many times as you want, because the Coffee & Cheese cup is reusable.

Super stylish, handy and eco friendly. Wow!

You can also get an additional free drink on top of that, if you are one of our customers.

And...There are even more surprises waiting for you.

In the meantime…Cheers! ????

* Kinda off topic: Can you make a toast with hot drinks? I suppose…

 Well, at stall DE1 you can.

Special offer at the London Veg Fest, with a reusable cup

Get a #freeDrink with your #reusableCoffeeCup at the #VegFestLondon2017

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Can a vegan hot drink be better than a dairy one? 7 steps to make it happen!

Coffee & Cheese talk at the London Veg Fest 2017

Wanna see Pedro as happy as a clam?

Then attend this talk.

He’s going to talk about one of his favourite topics: making drinks with plant milks.

  • What’s the best plant milk to make cappuccinos? And for hot chocolate? And chai?
  • How can we choose the best coffee blend?
  • What do we need to know (and do!!!) to get the best results?
  • What are the key elements that really make a difference?

These are only some of the questions Pedro is going to answer during his talk.

Can a vegan hot drink be better than a dairy one? 7 steps to make it happen! #VegFestLondon2017 Oct 20, 11 am @ Olympia

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One of the most important things that you need to know to make a superb cappuccino is frothing the milk. But is it as difficult as they say?

He’ll walk you through the 7 steps you need to follow to get the perfect texture and the delicious taste that make your customers fall in love with your hot drinks… and guess what?

They’ll come back for more!

You don’t need to be an expert, but, yes, you do need to know a few basics.

It is indeed true that part of the success is due to the quality of the ingredients used. However, this factor is not enough on its own.

You also need to have skilled baristas. And … skills can be learnt!

As Pedro learnt those skills, so can you.

This talk is particularly aimed at professional baristas, cafe owners and those with a serious passion for vegan hot drinks.

Can a vegan hot drink be better than a dairy one? See to believe.

Come and see it for yourself! 😉

After the talk, why not getting a free drink at DE1?!

Coffee & Cheese treats: Special offers @ Veg Fest London 2017

If we decide to do it, we do it right.

No exception.

So, if you come to our stall (DE1, next to Cookery Demos ????),    
you are in for a treat:

A FREE hot drink of your choice.

You can choose anything among our range of hot drinks.

Some examples?
You can get a cappuccino, a latte, an espresso, an americano, a macchiato, a cup of tea (many flavours available), matcha, chai, hot chocolate.

Free drink: Special offer for the Veg Fest UK London 2017

#FreeDrink at the #LondonVegFest2017 ? Come to stall DE1 (next to Cookery Demos) ????

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All these drinks are 100% vegan and 100% delicious!

With this special offer, you can get your drink 100% free, if you:

  1. buy our C&C reusable cup

  2. buy at least £20 of our products

  3. are one of our customers

Offers 1 and 2 are cannot be combined.

Offer 3 can be combined with either 1. or 2.

Get a super cool #reusableCup, filled in with FREE HOT DRINK ☕ @ #VegFestLondon2017  
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Basically, to get your free drink you can either buy our Coffee & Cheese reusable cup or £20+ of our products.

If you are a Coffee & Cheese customer, you can have an additional free drink…

Yes, just because you’re part of the family.

Like to get some #veganDelights @ #VegFestLondon2017 ? #FREEhotDrink if you spend £20+ ???? DE1 

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Does it make sense?

‘Yep’ --> Good.

‘No’ --> Come to DE1 and we’ll explain it better.

In case you wonder where our stall is, look for DE1 in the Veg Fest floor plan. (Next to Cookery Demos).
Or watch this video: DE1 - Where is it? What does it mean?

Enjoy your drink!

It’s on us. ????


Ps. Besides the free drink you also have an opportunity to win a selection of our products. How? By participating in our photo contest. Check it out!

Let’s do it with style! • Behind the Scenes #1- VegFest London 2017

Hi guys!

Have you heard? à We are going to the VegFest London 2017! Yay!

Almost a month to go … and a gazillion of things to do!

The workload is inhuman, the pressure is high …

Plus…Pedro injured didn’t help! (Don’t worry, he’s kinda fine. I think he’ll survive! ????)

I know, it’s far from ideal but with a few laughs, dedication we will be all right!

We have decided to keep track of our progress and let you be part of it. It’ll be fun!

We decided to share our work with you guys, because, let’s face it, preparing for the show is hard but it’s also so exciting!

Join us to our journey towards the VegFest London in this series called: Behind the scenes @VegFest London 2017.

In this first episode, we’re going to show you the stylish touch that we’re going to bring to the event.

Note: except for the intro, everything is sketchy, scrappy, unpolished, spontaneous.
Well…there’s some kind of editing…After all, we like to be presentable!

Shall we go to see the Coffee & Cheese style @ VegFest London? Are the earrings really cheesy?

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This video is all about fashion, style…bringing a coffey and cheesy (but not cheesy) flavour to the show.

This is what our uniform will look like at the London VegFest 2017:

  • Yellow t-shirts
  • Blue aprons
  • Coffee & Cheese earrings

We were looking for some nice t-shirts for our ladies, including our rock star baristas.

We like the Coffee & Cheese t-shirts that we currently have, but we would like to find something else for the show.  

The ones that we currently have are blue with our logo embroidered.

We wanted something stylish, simple and comfortable.

I think we found what we were looking for!

The super nice yellow t-shirts match the blue aprons perfectly.

And, what to say about the earrings?

I think I said enough in the video…

  • So… this is it.
  • I hope you liked our first episode of Behind the scenes @VegFest London 2017.
  • Let us know what you think.
  • If you like it, check out our next episode, where we’ll find out why we’ve been given stall DE1.

Cheers! ????

Pizza Hut is giving a shot at vegan pizzas. What’s gonna happen with the trial period?

Recently, we have been working on spreading veganism even further.

We are happy to announce that:

Pizza Hut agreed to use vegan cheese on their pizza. Yay! ????

This means that you don't have to settle for a salad, when going out with your non-vegan friends. 

Not that we don't like salads (we love them!). But those nights out with friends are strictly 'pizza nights'...You know what we mean!?

This also means that people are becoming more aware of veganism.

A massive success, right?

Hold on! Not too fast!

Credit: Ewan Munro (flickr)  CC BY-SA 2.0 

Pizza Hut trying vegan cheese. Fancy a pizza?
2 Oct-26 Nov 2017. Canterbury, Crawley, Thanet, Bluewater, Chatham.

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Pizza Hut hasn’t embraced the vegan lifestyle… JUST YET!

For now, they decided to give it try!

They will be trying the Violife vegan cheese for about 8 weeks:

From Monday 2nd October, until Sunday 26th November 2017.

This is where you come in, guys.

Would you like to contribute to make them take a final decision?


Just visit Pizza Hut during this period and ask for your vegan pizza.

But… wait…not any Pizza Hut branch…

Only Pizza Hut Restaurants, for now – not takeaways. 

Only the branches listed below.

                         These are the branches that will be starting the trial period:

If you happen to be in the area, between 2 Oct and 26 Nov 2017, and would like to give us a hand, go to Pizza Hut and ask for your vegan pizza.

Consider doing it, if:

  • you want to contribute to the expansion of veganism
  • you are in the area
  • you fancy a vegan pizza (you need to enjoy it, right?)
  • you like to give us a hand

  • Here’s the thing:

    We are all together in this.

    We can change things, if we work together, as a community.

    There’s no one man show in big changes.

    We believe in what we’re doing and are working hard for it.


    …We couldn’t be doing it without you.

    So, if you’re up to it:


    IMPORTANT: “Is the base vegan?”- We asked. We’ve been assured the standard base is. However, please note that the gluten-free base IS NOT VEGAN, as it contains eggs.

    Mon 2 Oct- Sun 26 Nov 2017

                                        Pizza Hut Restaurants involved in vegan cheese trial period:

    Happy Birthday to Coffee & Cheese! Profound thoughts and gratitude on a special day


    Never seen a pizza cake?

    Well, this is our way of celebrating.

    We are so excited!

    It’s our birthday, today! Yeah!!!

    Coffee & Cheese is turning 2 years old!

    What a better occasion to start our blog?!

    So, here we are… posting our very first post. Hurray!  ????

    As for every birthday, along with the cake, the laughs and the company of nice people… many thoughts come to our mind.

    We can’t help but go back at when we were just starting out.

    It seems ages ago, but it’s just 2 years ago. How our perception of time changes, depending on what we think. Isn’t it amazing?!

    We have grown tremendously and we keep growing fast and consistently every single day.

    We have done a fantastic job! – Please, allow us a moment of glory: It’s our birthday! ????

    We won’t be wasting your time throwing at you amazing words about us and how good we are, and so on and so forth (you know that kind of thing?).

    We are fully aware that it isn’t all about us. It’s about the amazing people we have met along the way.
    We take this occasion to THANK YOU all so very much, guys! ???????? 

    We are so proud to have an amazing vegan community that keeps growing and changing the world, little by little.

    Every day, people like you and us, with big dreams and beliefs are working hard to shake things. We need to keep doing it… no matter what.

    We know what it is to stay in business: It brings a lot of satisfaction and excitement.
    But… at times, it is very hard.

    We know that some vegan businesses struggle. Guess what? In every business, there’s struggles. Even, life in general is full of struggles.

    Are we giving up, for that? Heck NO! We push… harder and harder.

    Struggles and challenges are what make us stronger. ????

    Today, we are extremely proud at where we are at… because we appreciate the struggles we’ve had, because we’ve made mistakes and we’ve learnt from them.

    Sometimes, people fail to realise that success is not going forward in a clear path, with no obstacles. Success is walking through obstacles, and overcome them.

    Success comes as a reward to those who don’t give up.

    I know, we are getting profound here. It’s the birthday mood – I guess.

    A cup of premium Italian Coffee Beans + Violife After Dinner to celebrate our birhday

    I love this picture. The only thing is that you can't see how big the Caffè Verri cup is. 
    At least, you can see one of this year new entries: the Cranberry After Dinner by Violife.

    We are sharing this because we want to inspire other vegan businesses that are facing challenges and are even thinking about giving up. Please, don’t! Give yourself another chance!

    You know…We were about to close ourselves. About a year ago. We were about to give up.

    Giving away all the stock that we had bought with our personal savings…

    And with it… our work and our beliefs.

    We know what it takes.

    When you come back home with nothing, after a full day going door to door in search of people interested in your products.

    Then, you realise that, you aren’t just offering a product: you are offering a way of seeing the world in a different way.

    I was offering vegan products to non-vegan businesses.

    I wanted veganism to grow… I wanted to make them aware of the need for a change.

    Nowadays, when we have people approaching us, I still remember those days.

    We are proud of what our hard work is giving us back.

    Because this is what it’s all about: hard work, consistency, belief.

    And yes, of course, a bit of luck… as well.

    Let’s face it… you need to find the right people, when you knock to strangers’ doors.

    To all then ‘strangers’ that opened their door to us: THANK YOU! ????

    We can celebrate our birthday today, because of you!

    Oops! A little drop! Tears?!

    I’m getting too emotional here.

    Bit embarrassing… We have those clichés of grown ups…you know!?

    Let’s  tune in to something else…

    During my walk on memory lane, I found an old picture that made me laugh. ????

    Picture in my About page

    To be honest, I’ve changed the picture only recently.

    This picture, on the right, was the one that kept my ‘about’ page going for almost 2 years.

    Could you believe it? ????

    That’s me, with the 2 brands we started out with. 

    They were the only 2 brands we sold for about a year (with an underwhelming portfolio of 8 products, in total).
    We still sell them today (
    Caffe Verri and Violife). They're proven to be two of the strongest ones. It looks like we made a good bet! ????

    What happened to my smile?

    I took it very seriously since the beginning.

    I was a bit nervous that I couldn’t even smile that day.

    The official photo, for my website…you know!? Serious stuff!

    Pedro showing Italian coffee and Vegan cheese

    Want to be the first to know about our new products and latest news?