100% Vegan
& Drinks

for retailers and caterers
across the UK

Fully committed to help businesses cater for vegans.
We select ONLY the highest quality foods and drinks.
We are vegans so WE actually TASTE them ourselves,
before they make it into our portfolio.
We understand what our community likes and appreciates.
Only top-notch, 100% vegan products (no traces of dairy or eggs here!)

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Coffee & Cheese have helped our business by offering products that we previously had shipped in from overseas and without knowing exact dates for delivery. This caused a lot of frustration. Having a free next day delivery option available is perfect for our business meaning we always have our best selling items in stock.

Delivery is always prompt, free and next day and we receive updates with a 1 hour delivery window. Customer care can't be faulted. If ever an item is out of stock it is very easy to get an exact date when we will be able to order this item again. It's also great to see so many new products being added meaning we can order more from Coffee & Cheese making our lives easier!

We would much prefer to deal with a Vegan Supplier who shares our values and principles and we couldn't ask for more in Pedro!

C&C made our order process and planning easier. Knowing that if we do run out of a certain product we can have it via next day delivery to satisfy our customers!

I would recommend Coffee & Cheese to everyone! Pedro is making it so much easier for us to operate and we love how much the company has progressed in such a small space of time. The more customers who use Coffee & Cheese the bigger the range will be and the more great products we can share with our Vegan customers.

Thank you Pedro!

Zahra Strettle Store Manager of Alternative Stores

Premium Italian Coffee

Our selection of the finest coffees:

3 blends by  Caffè Verri

Specially selected to taste

great with plant milks.

We also offer Barista Training!

Tasty Vegan Cheese

Great flavour, 

amazing texture,

fantastic melt-ability…

and, of course, cruelty free.

No more excuses!

Having an amazing vegan cheese supplier right from day 1 was a crucial element to the business growth! Without it we wouldn't be able to get hold of such an array of amazing cheeses!

The service is impeccable and the product selection is better than any other in the market!

We love all vegan cheeses - recently we have discovered GreenVie and find their Parmeggio works really well for us!

We are able to access a great variety of vegan cheese!

I would recommend Coffee & Cheese to any business that wants to access great vegan cheese / coffee etc.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, we are super grateful!

Rachel Hughes Co-founder of The Vurger Co

Not into coffee? Not into cheese?
Don't worry!
We went beyond!

Beyond Coffee

Organic whole leaf teabags,

Matcha, Chai

Hot chocolates

- no traces of dairy - Pretty amazing, eh?!

Beyond Cheese

Super tasty meat alternatives,

Mayo, egg replacements

Creams and spreads.

We’ve got you covered!

Coffee & Cheese has helped our business to stock the best selection of vegan products that aren't available anywhere else in the UK - at great prices too!

The service is great - Pedro is always helpful with orders and letting us know when new products will be available.

It is lovely to be able to deal with a completely vegan supplier!

Biggest benefits: great service, getting hold of new products before anyone else, easy to use website for ordering.

I would recommend Coffee & Cheese to every vegan shop owner in the country.


Spencer Director of Simply V

Our Values



Non Violence

World Peace



Vegan lifestyle



Coffee & Cheese was born

out of the dream…

By a Chilean vegan

coffee guy

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